Fresh Food Collab

Support the COVID-19
Response Effort

It is a difficult time for all of us, but the most affected are the most vulnerable. Part of Urban Farming Education’s mission is to address food insecurity issues, and our response to that is Fresh Food Collab. With a partnership formed by like-minded members of our community, Fresh Food Collab attempts to alleviate food access issues caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Our objective is to assist families and individuals by providing nutritious and waste-free boxes to school districts, agencies, and organizations in need.

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Our Mission


Our mission is to build gardens and conduct programs designed for education, sustenance, ecotherapy, social impact, and urban farming for profit. We specifically serve schools, domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, foster care prevention centers, and the disabled and elderly.

Our gardens and programs are fertile sites for both community and personal development, engaging with the ever-present global concerns around food sustainability and environmental issues.

This information is accurate as of May 22, 2020. With the COVID-19 crisis, we have pivoted our mission to meet this unprecedented moment. We have partnered with other local businesses to help serve our communities impacted by the crisis. However, we need your support to help families and individuals stay hopeful and resilient. Please consider making a gift at Fresh Food Collab.

Thank you to our sponsors.