Our Mission

Our mission is to build gardens and conduct programs designed for education, sustenance, ecotherapy, social impact, and urban farming for profit. We specifically serve schools, domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, foster care prevention centers, and the disabled and elderly.

Our gardens and programs are fertile sites for both community and personal development, engaging with the ever-present global concerns around food sustainability and environmental issues.

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Donations start from $25 USD. You decide wether it's a single donation or a monthly donation. Payment by Paypal.

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Donations start from $25 USD. You decide wether it's a single donation or a monthly donation. Payment by Paypal.

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COVID-19 Response Effort

Part of Urban Farming Education’s mission is to address food insecurity issues, and our response to that is Fresh Food Collaboration Movement. With a partnership formed by like-minded members of our community, our attempts is to alleviate food access issues caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Our objective is to assist families and individuals by providing nutritious and waste-free boxes to school districts, agencies, and organizations in need.

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Urban Farming Education's volunteer program is a great way for people to learn from our programs while giving back to the community. We ask our volunteers to share their interests and areas of expertise in case we have the opportunity to accommodate them in an area more aligned to their skills/interests.

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What our community say

"Before we got involved with Urban Farming Education, we really had little connection to the land on which the food we were sharing with the community was actually being grown and harvested. The Urban Farming Education is an opportunity to share with people who may not be aware that you know food comes from the ground, we're connected to the ground."
Pastor Sarah — Grace Lutheran Church
"Kids already come with a lot of struggles on their shoulders and so another way for them to escape that is providing them with different activities that will allow them to rethink their goals in life."
Maria Meyer - Teacher for Lattie Coor School
"Grace takes time to make sure everything is fresh and new so that we don't feed people something that we wouldn't eat ourselves."
Sheila Petry - Director on the Grace Lutheran Church Council

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Big or small, every dollar help support the community of gardens and gardening education.

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Every small action can make a huge difference in the lives of others.

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We will work with you to determine the needs of the community, the goals of the garden, provide guidance, and ways to create and sustainable garden program.

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