At Urban Farming Education (UFE), we offer two distinct sponsorship packages to help you make a significant impact on our community. These packages are designed to foster educational growth, sustainability, and community engagement.

Our STEM Garden Packages provide a comprehensive solution for creating vibrant outdoor learning spaces. Each package includes:

  • Complete Garden Installation: We take care of everything, from start to finish, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

  • Full Irrigation System: Efficient watering to keep your garden thriving.

  • Learning Materials Provided: Comprehensive resources to support student learning.

  • Tools Provided: The right equipment for a successful gardening experience.

  • Support for 60 Days: Our team will be there to assist you during the critical early stages.

  • Serves up to 30 Students

Cost: $5000 for complete garden installation.

Our Professional Development (Our Plot of Sunshine) Package focuses on equipping educators with the tools they need to excel in STEM education. This package helps:

  • Build Capacity for Educators: Empowering teachers to deliver standards-based STEM instruction.

  • Engage Students: Promoting hands-on, project-based science learning that captivates young minds.

  • Create Connections: Strengthening ties between students, educators, parents, and community partners for a well-rounded educational experience.

Cost: $250 per person.
Payment Link: UFE PD Admission

Rapid Radish Lesson Plan
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