Community of GardensInternational Model

Our international model looks to tackle communal disparities around Africa. We will do this by providing resources and agricultural knowledge on how to create sustainable food sources. These vital agricultural improvements will improve nutrition and elevate future generations’ quality of life.





Lilongwe, Malawi

Likuni Secondary School

Sustainable Food Focus

Our program targets the growing issue of malnutrition within the communities of Malawi. Creating these infrastructures and educating about sustainable food sourcing will further improve the communities nutritional intake and lives. At two secondary schools in the Likuni Community in Malawi, we have began to implement programs, techniques, equipment and tools to learn about traditional farming methods such as composting, vermicomposting and raised bed gardening.

Phase 1


Producing compost from 15 tons of biomass and manure

Construct three brick, irrigated, raised planters for teaching

Raising 750 chickens to feed the students and community

This project will help us to grow our own food, our own vegetables that will help us in the dining hall.
Goodwin Lawrence
Likuni Secondary School Student
I am very delighted to hear about the project going on in the Likuni School. This project will help us grow our vegetables with great nutritional value.
Ms. Amara
Likuni Secondary School Teacher

Urban Farming Education has helped fund the project throughout the first year, and we are now seeking community support to broaden our efforts.

Phase 2 aims to further improve the Likuni School community.

We ask for your support to begin Phase 2 of the project. Here are some of the things your gracious contributions will go towards for Phase 2:

- Part-time salaries for three outstanding Malawians leading the project.
- Fencing, security lighting, wood chipper, tractor, and irrigation system.
- Purchase and transportation of manure and biomass for additional composting.


Soweto Township

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