Every donation, big or small, brings us closer to creating lasting positive change in the lives of Likuni School students. Together, we can empower these communities and build a brighter future.

Your donation will contribute to the implementation of solar projects at Likuni Primary & Secondary Boys & Girls Schools in Lilongwe, Malawi.

This initiative aims to provide reliable and sustainable energy sources for schools, creating a conducive environment for education and community activities.

Your support will directly impact girl's education at Likuni Schools by funding such projects as:

  • Doors for Toilet Stalls: Ensuring privacy and dignity for girls, creating a conducive environment for their education.

  • Water Source for Cleaning Stalls: Facilitating proper hygiene practices by providing easy access to water for cleaning purposes.

  • Permanent Clothes Drying Line: Establishing a safe and shame-free space for girls at Likuni Schools to wash, dry, and maintain hygiene for sanitary pads, contributing to their overall well-being.

Your donation will support the implementation of Starlink for internet connection at Likuni Schools.

This project aims to bridge the digital divide, providing students with access to online resources, educational tools, and opportunities for a more comprehensive learning experience.

  • Keeps Girls in School: Your contribution directly addresses the challenges girls face in Likuni Schools, ensuring they have access to essential facilities and resources for education.

  • Promotes Hygiene and Dignity: Supporting the installation of doors, water sources, and drying lines at Likuni Schools ensures a safe and dignified environment for girls, encouraging their active participation in education.

  • Sustainable Energy Access: Contributes to sustainable energy solutions at Likuni Schools, positively impacting educational institutions and community development.