COVID-19 Response

Urban Farming Education in partnership with other local businesses like Agave Farms, Green Living AZ Magazine, St. Mary's Food Bank, Amici Catering, and Witnessing Nature in Food had the initiative to start Fresh Food Collab to help alleviate food access issues caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Who is Fresh Food Collab?

We are a group of organizations who are helping with the economic problems brought on by Corona Virus Pandemic and the economic fallout  on families. We are especially concerned with those who have been suffering from food scarcity before this pandemic even started who are now suffering as they get left behind.

What are our four initiatives:

• Food Drives- (through schools, churches, foster care organizations at their venues and at Agave Farms for those industries hit the hardest). Each box has recipes ideas for the produce and food in them

• Meals- served to shelters including homeless, disabled, veterans, domestic violence

• Educational videos- these short videos include the following categories: Gardening, Cooking, Health and Wellness, Financial advice, and Nutrition

• Garden building- we will be building gardens for some of the most remote and economically affected villages in Arizona

Why we do food drives:

• Boxes consist of CSA style 30lb boxes of fresh produce and food with the intention of feeding a family of four for one week.

• These boxes are given out using an existing system school lunches, church services to families in need that are directly impacted by the corona pandemic and the economic fallout.

• We also target specific industries (restaurants, travel and tourism, sports, entertainment)

Why we deliver meals:

• Professionally prepared meals can elevate the dining experience of both residents and employees with added value compared to home-prepared items.

• Bringing in professionally prepared meals saves organizations on labor costs, insurance liability, and time and energy needed to organize logistics.

• Great for meetings and parties, allowing immediate access to food without having to leave the premises.

• Utilizing resources from local businesses and growers, we can ensure quality in our meals and our practices, especially those that reduce waste.

• It is our hope that community partners who donate meals see the benefit in supporting organizations and may do more in the future to assist in our efforts.

• Outreach is an extremely important factor; therefore, we can utilize social media to broadcast our efforts and share with our community ongoing efforts

Why we create educational videos:

• We believe that we can help with systemic societal issues related to food scarcity and homelessness and domestic violence by creating a gardening platform

• We believe we can help school children learn about the biology of growing food nutrition

• We believe gardens can help with psychological issues and can be the the tool and the venue for communities

• We believe that during unemployment and the stress that is brought on by people being closed off from one another that financial guidance and health and wellness help can be given in the form of videos

Why we build gardens:

• We believe we can help school children learn about the biology of growing food nutrition

• We believe we can build a model of hope in remote corners of Arizona where there is a concentration of people who live in food deserts by construction sustainable gardens




Become a Volunteer

The most affected are the most vulnerable. Be the Help!

Our volunteers are the engine that makes the FRESH FOOD COLLAB run. Through Urban Farming Education, Green Living AZ Magazine, Agave Farms, St. Mary's Food Bank, Amici Catering, and Witnessing Nature in Food we have over 50 dedicated volunteers with a waiting list full of more volunteers ready to be called into action.



To keep our mission moving forward, we need help. We have everything we need to distribute the food—from people, places, and equipment. What we need is more food to distribute to those in need. We are seeking sponsorships to provide food, transportation and purchase food

Be the Help

We need your support to help families and individuals stay hopeful and resilient. Please consider making a gift at Fresh Food Collab.

Need a boost of positive stories?

Here's how a group of local Arizona businesses are partnering up with Urban Farming Education to uplift our community.

Thank you so much volunteers!
May 9th, 2020

Fresh Food Collab donated 25,000 lbs. of produce.

Pandemic Relief Food Giveaway at Agave Farm
May 9th, 2020

We donated 19,500 lbs. of fresh produce that impacted over 650 families.

The Beginning
April 28th, 2020

We donated over 15,000 lbs. of fresh produce that impacted over 500 families ♥.

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