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The “Community of Gardens” is our central program, developed to create a network of partners with interest in Urban Farming. This includes Volunteers, Educators, Students, Parents, Gardeners, Vendors and present or prospective Urban Farmers.

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We have started the “community of gardens” as our central program to create a communication hub and safety net. We have expectations that for all the gardens we build, our clients will join the growing group of gardeners. We also welcome any avid gardener, school or existing organization to join and share their knowledge and experiences. We have quarterly meetings which we podcast. We discuss what is very current that season but also share tips with each other.

Gardeners can share information on where to buy quality seeds and soils as well as other equipment. If a teacher is new to gardening, we want them to know they are not alone. We have many videos; blogs and a bibliography of books and lesson plans we share these resources online. We also have the UFE Academy as a mobile learning center and online presence.

Urban farming can have many positive impacts, including: Reducing a family or organization's food costs, ensuring produce in times of crisis, reducing the heat island effect, improve aesthetics of the lot, improve social connection and building sense of community. Urban farming is an excellent way to teach children and adults the entire growth process of vegetables in a healthy way.

Gardens can be built in:

  • Your parking lot or open space at your office building
  • Sponsor a garden at a nonprofit of your choice {e.g. shelters, foster care prevention centers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, public sector organization such as a fire station, schools, health care facilities, etc.)
  • Dedicate a garden you build to a nonprofit of your choice

For more information, contact:

Pat Whelan

Director of CSR Programs