There are 2,267 elementary schools and 1,003 high schools in Arizona. Gardening affords a great opportunity for active learning, which is the best way to engage students, cultivate positive attitudes, and promote deep learning. The activities and resources we suggest also help students develop problem-solving, inquiry, and engineering abilities using the following three related pedagogical models. As a donor you can help young minds learn to reconnect with their food source and the science of agronomy.

Landscape Design for Espiritu School

Espiritu School

Espiritu School was established by a group of faith-based leaders to help renew communities by forming new servant leaders to rebuild their own communities through community service projects.

The “Servant Leadership” model was developed into an educational system with the purpose of assisting a community in developing a strong moral and value-based code of ethics.

Visual Gallery for Espiritu School

Lattie Coor School

Lattie Coor School serves students from preschool through the first grade in the Avondale Elementary School District. Lattie Coor's mission is to empower students to become independent learners that will achieve a future without limits.

Their vision is to build a foundation for all to grow, collaborate, and invest in our children and community.

Copper Trails Elementary (Upcoming Garden 2020)

Copper Trails School first opened its doors to students in the Avondale Elementary School District in 2008. They believe that every student will develop in academics, humanities, and character to positively impact the world.

The school works as a community to provide every child with learning experiences and opportunities that allow them to reach their greatest potential.