Homeless Shelter

Data from 2015 showed there were over 25,830 homeless people in Maricopa County, with about 5,500 who live in shelters or on the street each night. Some shelters are just kitchens that may feed homeless individuals once a day or once a week. With donors like you, we can build gardens that help with regular sustenance and also with horticulture therapy, allowing people to be involved in something as basic as growing food.

Landscape Design for UMOM New Day Center

UMOM New Day Centers

UMOM New Day Centers is an organization that works to prevent and end homelessness with innovative strategies and housing solutions that meet the unique and individual needs of each family and individual.

Every night center provides safe shelter and supportive services for over 170 homeless families. It also offers nearly 300 units of affordable housing across the Valley, each with special program centers for residents.


Grace Church

Grace Church conducts programs to assist homeless people in the most difficult times to help them restore their lives.

Grace Church provides meals every Monday morning, Wednesday night, and Sunday morning. The harvest of their garden helps to supplement each of these meals.