Espiritu Santo


Espiritu School was established by a group of faith-based leaders to help renew communities by forming new servant leaders to rebuild their own communities through community service projects.

The “Servant Leadership” model was developed into an educational system with the purpose of assisting a community in developing a strong moral and value-based code of ethics.

Landscape Design & Project Scope

Phase 1
  • Holding Tank/Pond
  • Pumps & Filter System
  • Irrigation System
  • 96 Bag Ready-Go-Garden System
  • Vineyard & Chicken Coupe/Beehive
  • Rehab Rodeo Grounds (Steele and Soil Mix)
  • Grading, Weeding, and General Clean Up (Future)
  • Surface Roadways and Parking Areas
  • 1-Year Consulting and Maintenance
Phase 2
  • Rammened Earth Wall
  • Orchard and Rose Garden
  • Seating Area (Shade Structure, Tables and Pavers)
  • Kitchen Area (BBQ, Masonry, Sink, and Shade Structure)
  • Vineyard & Chicken Coupe/Beehive
  • Granite, Concrete, Woodchips and Paver Pathways