Mike McMahon, founder of Agave Farms and Urban Farming Education (We Are UFE), and Dorie Morales, publisher of Green Living Magazine, have joined forces to create Fresh Food Collaboration —an initiative that works to redirect surplus food to those in need, with the goal of changing the narrative surrounding food scarcity. Fresh Food Collaboration is registered as an agency through St. Mary’s Food Bank, which allows the collaborators team to supplement produce donations and ultimately maintain a bigger reach in the Valley.

In the midst of a global pandemic, Fresh Food Collaboration’s founders felt more compelled than ever to facilitate food drives and meal donation efforts that could support some of the state’s most vulnerable communities and families. Throughout the year, the volunteer-driven initiative has worked to host semi-regular events, with each one feeding over 500 families through the distribution of over 20,000 pounds of food. The farm fresh boxes feature everything from fruits and vegetables, to fresh bread and other organic treats. Outside of the famed donation drives hosted at Agave Farms and a number of local schools and churches, the team has also worked with partners like Witnessing Nature in Food and Amici Catering to supply hot meals to nonprofits and shelters around the Valley. 

The agency of founders and event sponsors share a common thread throughout each of their brands: they’re not only environmentally conscious, they’re also driven to educate and inspire people about nutritious foods, conscious living, and the benefits of urban farming education.

Thank you to collaborators.