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The Fresh Food Collaboration Movement is an ever-growing group of organizations looking to make an impact in our community, focusing on food scarcity and quality. Our mission is to tackle numerous issues around the lack of fresh and healthy food in many of our neighborhoods. We have seen first-hand how a societal embrace of fast and artificial food, loaded with sugar and bad fats, has resulted in a major increase in obesity and diabetes. In addition, with the recent economic impact of COVID-19, many people have struggled with food scarcity.

By joining as a Collaborator, you endorse our movement to bring fresh food to those in need. Each Collaborator chooses their own level of involvement; while some help us organize or make calls to broaden our scope of service, others have small organizations and can only volunteer on days that we distribute food for a couple of hours. Some Collaborators may have connections or expertise we lack, while others may have more manpower and equipment that we can use. Many hands reduce the workload and increase our effectiveness, while Collaborators who serve as sponsors allow us to keep our mission going long-term. However you fit in, we appreciate any level of participation and help.

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